Friday, June 16, 2006

vaya condios my darling

or however you spell that word...

thanks for the input, friends and strangers alike. this will be the last post at lyndsayewalker. haha! you must now go to my NEW BLOG to read about my life. my reasoning is that i really am lyndsay slaten now, even though it still sort of feels like i lie whenever i say that. anyone know how i feel? and i think the more i just SAY it and DO stuff that actually makes my brain think i'm a slaten now, the quicker i'll get used to it. so bye bye "staying the course". HOORAY!!! new things!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


so. my blog address is lyndsayewalker. that's not my name anymore!!!! should i change it to lyndsayslaten? or leave it as it is? i think there's only 2 people that read this thing least there's only 2 people who leave comments!! so it's not like i'd have to inform the world of my change! :) :) :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

more wedding pictures!

cuttin' the cake! the cakes turned out WONDERFULLY!!! they were amazingly delicious (mine was lemon flavored...mmmm...and chris' was beautiful chocolate) and really beautiful and they were SO affordable. oh jackson's bakery. i love you so.

laughing it up while posing for the millionth picture. it was the perfect was a bit hot, although the boys said they weren't too hot...i guess it was just me with my 8 layers on. *whew*

the photographer thought it would be a good idea for the groomsmen to pick me up! well, i did too, since i said "let's do it!!" i think the actual pictures probably turned out cuter than this one. zane is on the left of me - the one looking out - and the other cute guy is my big brother, concentrating hard and trying to not let my slippery layers of slips and dress slide out of his hands!! he's amazing...

chris and his parents have been friends with the shomakers forever. bob has this super old model T car that he offered to drive us away in!! that's what we're in alright. it was so fun!! we walked out of the reception to glen miller's version of "when you wish upon a star" (remember we went to disney world for the honeymoon) through a beautiful curtain of bubbles. it was a really, really fun day.

more pictures shall come later...possibly very later...but for now, i must go WORK!!!

officially taken

married life. it's so fabulous!!! we took 8 million pictures on the honeymoon, but i don't have them with me. and i only have a few random wedding pictures. and i don't have much time to comment on them all....but i'll do it anyway...:)
chris' dad (my father-in-law!!!) snapped this from the front row when we were about to walk down the aisle as husband and wife!! we were looking at the little ensemble we had singing "praise to the Lord, the Almighty"!!! INDEED!!!

these are all casual shots taken while the real photographer was lining us up for the real pictures. i don't remember handing my bouquet off to someone...but apparently i did. there's a lot i don't remember about that day...:) aren't the kids amazingly adorable?!?! those are my 2 cousins (i guess they're technically my 2nd cousins since they're my cousin's kids...) alice and mae mae, and our good friend (and son of the man who married us who also did our pre-marital counseling along with his wife...) hudson - the one who has a new baby brother from a few posts back...

here's (almost) everyone!! bridesmaids: from left to right, top row: the stunning carrie rollwagen, my former college roommate; the tan emily beene, my awesome cousin; the beautiful and best-hugger-ever betsy gentzler; the elegant and soon-to-be-married-too and 2nd best hugger ever beth mitchell (i like to call her bethington). bottom row: the glorious jennifer rigsby, former roommate of 3 1/2 years; the sexy suzanne mize, my friend since 4th grade...that's 17 years of friendship right there; the radiant jency franklin, my maid of honor, my sanity, and my best friend. unfortunately, the smooth-as-glass and exquisite jennifer glass was standing to the left of jennifer rigsby and got cut off in this picture. you'll see her when i post more pictures. i love you jglass!! and please notice the beauty in the simplicity of the girls' dresses. oh ann taylor loft. how i love you so!!
okay, groomsmen: from left to right, top row: chris' roommate for a month in his new apartment and friend since gradeschool, nathan shirai; chris' cousin, jimbo patton (or is it patten?); chris' friend since childhood, brian sneed; chris' friend since childhood, joshua gruner. bottom row: chris' brother since birth, colin slaten; chris' friend since childhood, zane hamilton. unfortunately, two of the groomsmen were cut off in this picture...the tall, soon-to-be-married-but-not-to-bethington daniel cleland - one of chris' roommate in college; and my brother, the handsome and charming forrest walker. again, more pictures will have them in it. i love you boys!

oh, and that's chris and me in the middle...i'm talking, apparently...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

gettin' married

i was on the phone yesterday with a parent who was calling about summer camp stuff, and she asked if things were crazy around here (school) with it being the end of the year. i told her we were pretty crazy, but i was especially crazy b/c "i'm getting married on saturday." and it hit me!!!! wow. that's the first time i've told a stranger about it, and it was weird.

we would love prayers mainly for God to be glorified and for the people in the room to be able to see the beautiful picture of God's love for us, His church. the ceremony is starting with an a-capella "the church's one foundation":
The church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord.
She is His new creation by water and the word.
From heaven He came and sought her to be His holy bride.
With His own blood He bought her, and for her life He died.

i mean, really. that's what it's all about. God's really showing chris and me that living our lives following His teachings is FOR REAL. not just something we say we do or take lightly. it's really nice, knowing Jesus.

so...i'll be gone for a while! half day of work tomorrow, lake party and bridesmaid party tomorrow afternoon/night, brunch, rehearsal, dinner on friday, then WEDDING!!!! then DISNEY WORLD!!!!! then BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*whew* today's the last day to get me moved out. neither of us want to have anything to do when we get back as far as moving me out. it's not like i'm being kicked out - my roommate's staying put. so i'm outta here in an hour and 19 minutes to get my junk OUT!!!

marriage. what a beautiful concept.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


as i said in my previous post, christopher and i exchanged wedding gifts last night. his gift to me was WAY better than my gift to him. a little background...

my grandmother was given a ring randomly by one of her friends a few years ago (by "a few" i mean, like, 20 years ago) for some reason, her whole life, all nana would say was "this is for lyndsay!" so when she died almost 2 years ago, i got the ring. it was ugly - like, really ugly. but it had tons of tiny little diamonds in it. there was one "big" one in the middle (guessing, it's like 1/4 carat) with itty bitty ones surrounding it. well, i wasn't going to wear it, so i was just going to sell it or something. (i know, i was an idiot) when christopher started making rumblings about getting engaged, i said "BLAMO!" and gave him the ring to do whatever he wanted with it.

my engagement ring is THE BEST ONE in the world. sorry girls. it's just true. see?

no really, it's the best in the world. and it looks perfect on my hand. see? (yes, i do have crooked pinkies...)
plus he said that the small diamonds on either side represent us, and the big diamond in the middle stands for God b/c He's in the middle, bigger and raised up. nice!! so anyway, i randomly asked him a few months ago "hey, where are the other diamonds from that ring?" and he said "you don't worry about that. let me take care of that." i told someone that he said that and she was like "oh! they're going in your wedding band!" oh, i almost vomited. other people can have bling bling all over their hand. that's great. but i'm having enough trouble wearing the little bit of bling that i have. i am not really a jewelry kind of person, so i really wanted just a plain, easy, simple wedding band. (i actually told him not to put them in the band...teehee!)

so anyway, last night he gave me my incredible, beautiful, awesome, gorgeous, unbelieveable wedding gift that he's been working on for quite some time now. check them out!

*gasp* OH! i just love them. the best part about all this awesome jewelry is that chris has picked everything out himself. he's gotten his mom's opinion (and my best friend/maid of honor - who is also one of his good friends), but just to make sure he hasn't made a big mistake. he's got GREAT taste!!!

oh man. i've never owned real diamonds before. i'm totally wearing them in the TEN DAYS.

oh yeah, and i got him a luggage set. BORING!!! i'm too practical. oh well. but i think he liked it. he either liked it or he lied really well. it's a nice set - i was going to put a link to where it was...but i don't want christopher to see how much i spent...although he might have already seen....anyway, now we can go to disney world in style!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

shirtless wonders

tonight is the night that christopher and i are going to exchange wedding gifts. his is rather large, and i've been wanting to get one of those plastic giant gift bags - basically a decorative garbage bag - to put it in. i couldn't find one last night, so my only hope was to find one during my lunch break today, which meant i would have to get lunch out. well, with my newfound lovely alergy to gluten (oh boy!) the only place i could think of - without getting a salad or naked burrito from qdoba, which are not very eat-in-the-car meals - was taco bell. the crunchy tacos are corn, aren't they? taco bell is far away from where i work - like a 15 minute drive when you factor in all the red lights. but i went anyway. the party place where i was going to seek the gift bag was on the way, but i decided to get food beforehand.

halfway there, a strange number rang my phone. i don't like talking on the phone to people i know and love, much less people i don't know. so i never answer the phone if i don't know who it is. the message said "lyndsay! this is chris! nathan and i are actually locked out of the apartment, and i'm using a neighbors cell phone. please come by and let us in when you get a chance!!" i proceded to laugh and laugh!! when i called back to tell them that i couldn't come by, some deep-voiced gentleman said "hello?" and told me that they were already walking back to the apartment...not sure which neighbor i had just talked to, i was left with the only option of aborting the quest for a gift bag and going to rescue my fiance' and his roommate.

while in taco bell - the drive through always takes longer - i put my order in for 2 tacos (and i could have sworn i said crunchy). i was really hoping it wouldn't take long since i was on a new quest of rescuing the boys. the giant family in front of me's order was finally completed and the lady said "order #233!" "that's me!" said i, and she said "2 soft taco supremes" and my heart sank.

<--- GOOD!!!

<--- BAD!!!

blast! if i could just eat flour, i would have taken them and run! but they had to remake them. it didn't take too terribly long, and off i went.

omitting the part where the freeway traffic came to an almost complete stop in the middle of the day - for no reason, i might add - b/c it's boring, i will move to the part where i drove up to their apartment. i heard nathan shout "hooray!!!" and saw him swinging his feet from the bottom branch of the tree in the front yard. i heard christopher but didn't see him. he was high up in the tree!!! tree climbers!!! and the best part was that they were both shirtless.
ah, glorious summertime. how i love thee. and how i wish i could go around shirtless...that's another blog entry...

this entry is already too long...but i will sum up how they locked themselves out of the apartment that i thought was impossible to get locked out of. there was this dog that followed them when they went running...long story short, in trying to allude it and make it stop following them, they brilliantly thought that they would leave it on the front steps, go inside and escape out the back door, leaving the poor little guy out there waiting for their fun return for the rest of it's sad, lonely little life. in doing so, they locked the front door from the inside and locked the doorknob lock when they exited out the back. they went running for something like an hour, and when they returned, the poor dog was gone, and they got to the top of the stairs, unlocked the lock, and suddenly realized that they only had ONE of the keys for the TWO locks on the front door.

the whole thing made me laugh pretty hard. they sure are cute...chris moreso than nathan...sorry nathan. you understand though.

now i've got to figure out what to do about chris' unwrapped present...maybe i could pretend that my trunk is the wrapping....

in other, much more exciting news, i'm not having that thing done to me this thursday - see a few posts down where i have the picture of the running shoe. HOORAY!!! i mean, i might have it done sometime, just not a week before i get married. it was just a way to confirm that i definitely have an alergy to gluten, but i say for now, i'm just going to try not to eat it and see if i feel better. oh stress of a weird and invasive test before i am wedded! be gone from me!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

i smiled last time

THIS is hilarious.


nathan, chris' friend that's staying with him for only a little while longer, has a truck. one of those really old ford trucks. well, actually, it's just a 1985, but it looks really old. that's not exactly it, but it's close. anyway, we moved a ton of my stuff into the new apartment last night, and it was really weird. all my pictures and posters and stuff on the wall, both my dressers, my little desk, some shelves - all GONE! dude. i need to take a picture of my bedroom right now. all that stuff went, but all the stuff from inside all that stuff stayed in my room. i'm living off my floor right now. today i got out of the shower and said out loud, "where's my underwear?!" i had to jump from tiny open area to tiny open area to get to it. there is stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

speaking of changes, the eagles are really growing fast. it's raining there today, too, and the mom has been there all morning sheltering them from the rain. it's amazing!! i love birds!!!

in other news, 12 days is really not that long at all. even if i were 12 years old and looking forward to my best friend's birthday party, i would even have to admit then that 12 days wasn't that long. GOOD GRIEF!!! i'm super excited.

in more other news, ladies, get out of the habit of crossing your legs at the knee.

it causes spider and varicose veins!! my little spider veins have been getting worse and worse the past couple of years or so, and i learned that about crossing your legs the other day. duh! all i do is sit at a computer with my legs crossed! of course it's going to get worse!! it's funny, though, b/c i'm trying to not do it, so i'll raise my leg up to cross it over and then abort the crossing, which makes it look like i'm just really, really fidgety. or have some sort of odd twitch. man. it's really hard to not do...