Monday, October 31, 2005

Caldwell Hall-oween

what a fun day! they told us on thursday that we could wear costumes today to pass out candy to the boys. of course i wore what i wore over the weekend at carrie's party. no, i'm not the mad hatter - what EVERYONE thinks i am - nor am i the cat in the hat...i'm jiminy cricket. i suppose i should have carried an umbrella.

here's jiminy caught talking to melissa - one of the many who didn't dress up at all. i was THE ONLY ONE who dressed up in my department. suzanne dressed up - her costume to come later - but she's not technically in my department. silly scared and lazy people. cecil said he dressed up - as a successful black man. yeah. doesn't count cecil.

okay so here's suzanne. HHHAAAAAAAHHH!!! when she out, i literally could not stop laughing and tears were streaming down my face! it was the most hysterical thing i have ever seen!!! but she gets to take hers off and wear normal clothes the rest of the day....well, i brought black pants. i suppose i can normal-ize myself enough to not look freakish. or cartoonish.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


here are some from our trip to cowan a couple of months ago. the first two are for mom, the last one for dad. well, they're really all for both of you, but, well, you'll see.

here's a little white church on our walk from the train tracks to the cemetary. it's not as charming and run-down as the aweseome country ones you love, but this one's kind of neat. i couldn't find a plate for how old it was...i didn't really look too hard though...

look at these zenias. biggest patch ever!!! every time we walk by this i always say that i'm going to knock on the woman's door and ask her what her secret is, but i never do it. they're almost always there and are always huge and bright and beautiful. maybe they're fake...hmm.....nah. too many butterflies and things flying around them!

a train! a train!!! i LOVE it when the train comes. shoot, nana says that one comes something like 30 times every 24 hours. this was an especially sunny day and chris had just gotten his new camera. there were a ton of me running with the train and looking at the train, but i liked this one the best. it's framed perfectly.

a day in YORK

christopher and trevor visited york and he said he wasn't going to send me any pictures from there b/c that's the main place we're going to visit when i go over there and he didn't want to spoil the surprise, or something. but he did send me a few.

here's a picture of a lady dancing to street performers in york. how amazing! i really can see her moving...okay, not really, but i can imagine what she would look like.

here's another one of the chapel at kings college in york. a-mazing. look at the incredible architecture and details!!! (click on the picture to make it bigger, please) i can't wait to see this one in person.

this last one is the fountain on kings college's campus. talk about elaborate and beautiful!

york is apparently the best place ever. last night chris said, "...and york is just, well, it's just great." so he really liked it. hooray!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

More of Lovely England

chris calls this, "a very fine roof", and i agree with him. i like mossy roofs, no matter how rotten the might be. it reminds me of a hobbit house.

here are some more rooftops. english rooftops. mmmm. it reminds me of mary poppins when they're running around on the rooftops, and then mary says, "time to go home" and they're floating around on a cloud of black smoke singing "chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheree..." at the end, burt sings, "on the rooftops of london..." and then something else. mmmm. enchanting.

this is another one of my favorite pictures. i suggest clicking on it to englarge it so you can really see what it is. windmills. very big windmills. i'm not sure, but i think that's water that they're standing in...or maybe there's a distant island of peninsula that we can't see. it's kind of foggy. but oh the windmills. i like 'em.

Tacky England

this is what chris called "a hilarious ride". it's apparently a sort of slick track race track, and if you can't read it from the picture, it says, "american highway" - HAH! i laugh. they didn't get to ride it, though, b/c it was closed. this is in "great yarmouth" which is about 20 minutes away and on the coast. chris said it's the tacky gatlinburg of england. gross.

going right along with the tacky theme, here are trevor (chris' friend from berry who is studying in norwich as well) being rescued by eric (a friend they have met who is, ironically enough, good friends with nathan shirai at belmont - one of christopher's childhood friends). how noble of

oh what a lovely fountain! it's just so charming!!! um...yeah. well, trevor thought it was hilarious, as do i, except slightly disgusting, and he wanted his picture beside the puking man of england. bleh. weird!

Still Even More England

look! it's chris in norwich! his first couple of rounds of pictures there were none of him, and he said he would try to get someone to take pictures of him next time. so he and trevor went into town, trevor took lots of pictures, and chris sent me a bunch. here he is on a crooked street in front of a really cool bench. i want to sit on it! oh wait, I'LL GET TO!!!!

here he is contemplating the mysteries of life. or trying to be funny. either way...the weird looking thing on his pants is his pocket watch that hooks onto a belt loop. it's turned around backwards so you can't see the face. notice, too, he's wearing a ring on a necklace - click on the picture to englarge if you can't see it. now where have i seen a necklace exactly like that, except smaller? hmmm....anyway, he's sitting on the lawn of THIS castle!!! (see next picture....)

the only reason i know that it b/c of the weird circles on the ground and the lady in the background wearing red. anyway, what an awesome castle. but again, so sorry, don't know anything about it except that it's in norwich. last night on the phone chris told me that i could go see "the norwich castle" sometime when he was in class when i go visit him, but he said it wasn't that impressive. i can only assume he meant this castle.

More England!

this is Wellington. call me an awful person if you must, but i don't know who he is. this statue is in norwich, i believe, and all christopher said about him was "IT'S WELLINGTON!!!!!" so i'm not too sure who he is...but i like the statue.

here's another statue. i don't know anything about this one. all christopher said about this one was "an unusual statue"...but i liked it as well. so here he is.

such a beautiful building! again, i know nothing about it. all chris told me was that it is not a church. i call it the old norwich non-church. i figured it was worth seeing though.


this is the center of the campus where he's studying. how cool! the pub in the background is where he hangs out almost every day. i like how busy it is and college-y is looks.

but don't worry. all of campus isn't a concrete jungle. this is what chris sees every day he walks to class. he doesn't go to class every day - just on wed, thurs, fri. what a beautiful walk though! well, i suppose not as beautiful as berry, but still nice enough.

oh my, look at this tree. it's on campus and just asking for people to study under it. how fabulous! and that's christopher underneath it! (if you can't see him, try clicking on the picture to englarge it) my friends and i had a tree in college that we sat under on beautiful days, but it was about one tenth of the size of this. majestic!!!


well, i have yet another blog to post these pictures for all to see! christopher is in england right now, and these are some pictures he has sent my way. i have about 60...but i won't post them all. this one is an arial view of the city where he is staying - norwich.

this is probably one of my favorites. i love european streets, and this one is awesome! i love the uneven sidewalks, and the fact that people actually use them. i love the cobblestones, or whatever those are, that make for exciting walking rather than boring old asphalt. and i love the fact that cars, when they're on roads like this, can't speed through. lyndsay's paradise!

ah, the norwich train station. this picture looks like a postcard b/c it's so charming and beautiful! i love it!
the way this blog is set up forces me to write a lot under/beside each picture or it messes up...and it only allows me to post three pictures in one post. i could post more in each one, but i would have to pay, and i'm not interested in paying. i'll just post three in lots of entries!