Friday, November 25, 2005

more blue men

these are the backup percussionists and guitarists for the blue men. their costumes and face paint were awesome in the black lights. they were kind of in cages up level with the cat-walks on stage, and they had fencing or netting or something all around the cages, so you could only see the illumination of their faces and costumes dancing and moving around while playing. it. was. awesome. they really did make the show since they were playing all the music!!!

chris just made fun of me b/c i am so happy in this picture. i had seen a picture of someone with a blue kiss on their cheek after seeing the blue men, or i would have never thought to ask him to kiss my cheek. he was kissing programs and shirts, and when it was my turn i pointed to my cheek (they don't talk, so i didn't talk) and he kissed it. aw. happy!

chris didn't have enough guts to get him to kiss his cheek, but i pressed mine against his and transferred the blue man kiss to his cheek. when we got back to the hostel, we were both so tired that all the smiling pictures looked hilarious, so we tried one with weird expressions like the blue men...creepy us.

so happy together!

gleam! the sun is positioned perfectly to make us look like we're gleaming with happiness! ha! we are indeed. this is when we were waiting for the boat on the thames.

here we are on the boat with the sun in our eyes. i think this is a lovely picture! but i must say more about it so the text doesn't mess up and jumble the pictures like it likes to do...there. that's enough.

the blue man group!!! this is us after the show - they wouldn't allow photos during...we were on the front row in the "poncho section". it's not messy like a gallager show or anything like that. they just play drums with colored water and shoot mashed bananas around and throw and spit marshmallows sometimes. i got hit by some banana. it was awesome. and they had everyone wear the white headbands, i think, b/c toward the end everything was black-lighted and these rolls of paper towels came down behind the back row, and everyone was supposed to pass and pass and pass it all the way to the stage. hence the giant pile of paper towels on stage. so everyone having a headband on, everyone was glowing in the blacklight along with all the paper towels. it was pretty cool.

cathedral and fun

here's a cathedral tower in london. cathedrals and castles are everywhere. and they all pretty much look like this with this style of tower. not much more to say about it. it's just cool.

we tried to take so many pictures in front of the roman baths. after about 15 of them, i was bored and posed like a silly-head, not thinking chris would take it! but he did. i think it's hilarious...

this one, too, is hilarious. we stayed in the ymca in bath, and when we opened the backpack to get stuff out, i noticed that the upper flap was wet...chris' shampoo had leaked - completely emptied is more accurate - all in his toiletry bag. thankfully it was the only thing in the upper pocket, and we rinsed pretty much everything in his bag clean, so nothing got ruined totally...except the toiletry bag itself. it was quite hilarious though!

england and england

i'm running out of creative titles for these posts...

here's a sillohette of an awesome statue/monument thing in london. chris commented that he liked how if this monument were in chattanooga, it would be the center of all attention. but here it's just part of the landscape. so beautiful!

here it is from another angle and closer up. really interesting. i'm not really sure why we didn't go to find out what it i have no clue what to say about it other than it was neat!

a closeup of an inscription on some ancient egyptian coffin from the brittish museum of art. pretty cool. i liked else to say about it so the blog doesn't jumble up the pictures like it does? hmm. it's black and white. and marble, or something like that...

more and more

i suppose i should post more...why not!?

this is a little pub that's down the street from cafe forever. it's where christopher had his very first guiness.'s a pretty cool quaint little thing. we didn't go in this time though. we were hurrying to make it to the london eye...

and here it is. huge! it takes about 30 minutes to go around the entire big thing. it goes so slow you can hardly tell you're moving which is pretty cool. this was actually taken the night before when we had sprinted - literally - the whole way there to try to make our 8:00 appointment. (you have to do it that way) we got a late start leaving norwich so we didn't have time to go by the hostel first to drop off the giant backpack, and when we got to the eye exactly in time, they said, "sorry, you can't take that on there, and we can't store it for you." talk about disappointing. but PRAISE the Lord that they didn't eat our ticket. they said we could come back the next day. whew!

kensington and hyde parks in london are HUMONGOUS. i mean, absolutely huge. take coolidge park and multiply it by about 100. take chickamauga battlefield and mow down all but a few little rows of treess and you have it. huge and awesome. people with their dogs are everywhere! this is from our walk across the cold and frosty hyde park monday morning. bbrrr....

england keeps going

mmmm. cornish pasty. i saw a guy on the food network making one of these before i left for england and then saw that they have them everywhere here. so i had to try one. it's basically a folded up chicken pot pie. except not as runny. and mine wasn't chicken, but roast beef. it was excellent.

here we are walking along the walkway by the thames in london. most of the pictures of us together we take either with the timer or by holding the camera in front of us b/c every time we get someone else to do it, they don't turn out very good and we never have the guts to have them take another one! this is an example of that...oh well...the background is really cool. that's st paul's cathedral back there, and some bridge that looks like it belongs in asia.

remember when chris and jency worked at cafe forever in london? this is it! we went there for lunch and it was excellent!!! and we got to visit with some friends that actually remembered chris' name and when he was there! (2 years ago!!) this is marlane and hank. very nice, very fun people!

England again and again

you know, this thing only lets me post three pictures at a time...that's why i'm doing so many...

it's the tower bridge in london from a boat!! don't really know why this one isn't "london bridge". neither of us even took a picture of london bridge b/c it looks exactly like the olgati in chattanooga. gross! but this one's awesome!

brittish museum! this door was amazingly humongous, and this little boy stared up at it forever! i'm glad he is in it b/c you probably couldn't tell how massive it was without him...

look at 'em!!! these little girls pretty much made me cry b/c they were so cute in their little uniforms and hats!! it reminded me of madeline, except she was from france. hearing them talking in their little english accents with their teacher so distinguished sounding was incredible. their assignment was to draw this giant monument thing. by eavsdropping on their drawings a bit, i saw that they were all quite good little artists!!


here we are in seats 47 and 48 on anglia railways train car 56202 about thirty minutes after chris proposed!! i wish i had gotten the name of the girl who took our picture b/c she was adorable and happy for us!

hello? i'm in an english phone booth! yes, they do exist! the phones aren't old though. and this one was especially stinky. purell. what a beautiful invention.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

more still

bath! it's not the roman baths (none of them turned out well enough!! it was so dark and steamy!) but this was the town square, sort of. we both really liked the fountain.

alright, here's one from a bridge in cambridge. beautiful! click on it to see someone "punting" - awesome! it was SO COLD and such a beautiful place to walk around.

walking around cambridge, about to walk into "the eagle" - a pub chris has eaten at before - we were both stunned to see shadow himself made an appearance. amazing.

more england

here's one of me with my first fish and chips. mmmm. they were awesome, and made my tummy yucky b/c i'm not used to so much fried food. but it was worth it!!!

chris surprised me in london by taking me to see "the blue man group" - absolutely. check them out if you don't know who they are! they were out letting people take pictures afterwards and i got him to kiss my cheek!

ever heard of the london eye? i hadn't until chris came over here. it was built in 2000 and is THE BIGGEST farris wheel ever. each car is enclosed and can hold multiple people and you can walk around in it and everything. this is the coolest picture when we were at the very top. awesome.


HOORAY!!!! here's the funnest picture in the entire world. seriously. check us out!!! posing with my delicious roast beef and horseraddish baguette. mmmm. and check out what's on my hand!!! (click on the picture to make it big!)

sometimes i'll do something stupid or say something goofy, and i'll look at chris and say, "really?" implying "are you sure you love me? i'm pretty weird..." and he'll always say yes. tonight after doing something goofy, i asked him "really?" and he said, "now whenever you ask that, just look at your finger for the answer." it's true! it's real now!