Monday, December 19, 2005

that's it

okay. i have officially posted everything interesting from my trip to england. well, that's not true at all. i've posted all pictures that chris took with his digital camera. i had a regular camera and took tons of pictures - a lot of the same, but some different - that i can't post on the web b/c i don't have a scanner. sad. they would include things like: a picture of the tarmac pulling away from the plane i was supposed to be getting on in amsterdam - they bumped me and 15 other people; a picture of snowy germany from the plane that sat on the runway in amsterdam for over an hour, causing us bumped folks to miss our connecting flight to atlanta; pictures from downtown stuttgart, germany, where i was stuck for another day including: living statues painted gold that move only when you put money in their bucket; the DELICIOUS german sausage i ate; also the polish family that went through the same experiences of getting bumped and missing conncecting flights that sort of adopted me. the mom would say things to me in polish when i was upset, and the daughter (she spoke english - no one else did) and i sat beside each other on our flight back to atlanta - finally!!! - and talked quite a bit. ooh, i need to email her...

anyway, too bad i don't have a scanner. those a good pictures. i suppose you'll have to come visit me to see them.

nighttime pictures

norwich had an ice-skating rink in the center of town. we thought about doing it but decided it was too cold for us! have i already posted this picture? i can't remember...anyway, i like it b/c the people are blurry. it looks enchanting...

in cambridge, we ran across this group of brass musicians playing traditional Christmas songs. it. was. so. cold. i don't know how their fingers were working! i wish i could post movies b/c chris took a little 5 second movie of them. it was a really fun experience!

in london while we were walking around killing time before the blue man group, we ran across this little carousel. it was fun! we didn't ride it. and chris wanted the picture to turn out more blurry than it did. oh well. why do they spell "carousel" like they do? hmm...

more cromer

well let's see. on our walk back down the hill on the path alongside the sea, we noticed SURFERS. have i mentioned how cold it was? holy cow, it was cold. we found them rather ridiculous. so that's what those two little dots are in the waves. surfers. in frigid temperatures...

there was a golf course at the extreme top of the hill. yeah. can you imagine playing golf on the edge of a giant cliff overlooking the sea, and especially in the windiest conditions i've personally ever been in. look! there they are! golfing!!! chris and i were nervous that the wind would carry a ball and hit us on the noggin. it didn't happen though...

we made it down into the town and found a little family restaurant and had the BEST food. it was the perfect meal for wishywashy tummies like ours from our turkish delight pizza the night before. potato soup with cheese sandwiches and 7up. mmm. dangit. i'm hungry now and i really want THAT!!!

digging up more stuff

well, i've pretty much shared all that happened on this wonderful trip of mine. but here's one more little tidbit. my distant relatives are from england - Cheltenham to be exact. chris and i wanted to go on our last day but opted for the shorter train ride instead (cromer, see below). but while we were in norwich we visited this exhibit of norwich's history. it was a pretty cool exhibit with interactive learning games and movies about its development and stuff. there was this scrolling list of soldiers who fought in ww2.

in case you can't read it, the sign says "in memory of over 6,400 young members of the 2nd air division, who flew from bases in these parts, and lost their lives defending freedom 1942-1945." (it actually says "defending reedom" b/c the "f" came off...) anyway, right under the "ing" of "defending", 3rd row from the top is "Packer, Cyrus" - my mom's maiden name is packer and it's those folks who are from england through and through. i don't know if i'm related to him, but i thought it was pretty cool.

Monday, December 12, 2005

same place

i just want to see these pictures beside each other. it still makes me happy that chris sent me this picture a few weeks after he had been there and i thought to myself, "i'll get to sit on that bench!"

here i am standing beside it. just like christopher! every time i would see something that was in chris' pictures that he had sent me i would get really excited. but i said i wanted to sit on the bench...

and here i am!!! sitting on the bench. chris and i were walking through norwich and we turned the corner and i gasped and shouted "look!! it's the bench!!!" i look stiff and a bit awkward b/c the bench was soaking wet. i didn't care though. i absolutely had to get the picture of me sitting there! hooray!

Monday, December 05, 2005

hooray! a stranger - although a friend of a friend - is enjoying my blog! it brings me joy.

this is more of cromer. of course. we took like eight million pictures of that place. this is the front of a building...not sure what it is. i like to pretend that they're awesome apartme...i mean, flats, where charming englishfolk live.

here i am posing with the lighthouse while sitting on one of the many, many, many benches in the town. all of the benches are dedicated to people who have apparently died. this one said "to (whoever it was) - our favorite spot." wonderful! i told chris that either it's a charming cromer tradition, or a bench salesman moved to town and hit everyone up...either way. i liked the benches.

a lovely shot of the town from when it comes into view from the trail. i loved how windy it was and how it hung off over the beach. it was so windy and cold, which was just awesome, but it made me wonder just what this town is like in the warm summer months...i bet it's just incredible! maybe i'll find out one day...

Friday, December 02, 2005

more cromer

this is the other way down the beach. can you see the "sea cliffs", as chris called them. he was super super excited about them b/c he had never seen them before. they're pretty awesome. rugged. high. looming. beautiful.

there was a path up to the top of the sea cliffs. here it is from atop! i don't know if you can see...maybe click on the picture to enlarge it...there's people walking on the beach and they are tiny tiny tiny!! we were so high!! and it was so windy up there!!!

lighthouse!!!! it was amazing. kind of squatty but so neat. the night before we walked around we could see it going around and around in the dark. it was so cool. you can see the little town and the ocean in the background. i commend christopher on this fantastic shot!


holy cow. cromer england. a little no-one town that chris just decided we should go to on friday and saturday. absolutely the most beautiful place ever. it was the perfect way to end our trip!! we took about eight million pictures, but i'm going to try to not post that many...this is the pier.

here's a shot of the beach and little changing houses. apparently cromer is a big summer town. everyone that talked to us said, "why did you come here?!" and then proceeded to tell us to come back in the summer. chris and i could not have been more happy that we chose this town to go to in the winter!!!

look how cold it was!! i mean, stinking cold. well, i guess it wasn't really that COLD as it was WINDY. STUPID WINDY!!! i wish i could post the little video chris took of me fighting the wind. it was literally pushing me around!! talk about fun.

more funness

okay, i'm sort of tired of looking at the blue men backup musicians. this is one of chris and my many attempts at a funny ring picture. this one's especially funny b/c it looks like it's chris' hand. but it's not. it's mine.

if you'll scroll down a lot, you'll see one of christopher standing beside this very bench. when he sent it to me, i said "i like that bench! i'm going to get to sit on it!!!" and i did indeed!!! look at me!

thanksgiving dinner!!! we went to "trattoria rustica" in norwich. a little tiny italian restaurant. his parents let him use the credit card and said that it was on them. so didn't go ALL out, but we did get an appetizer and some wine. we're toasting thanksgiving and our engagement in this one. (we got really good at positioning the camera to take with the timer!) the food was THE BEST i've ever eaten, our waiter was really from italy, and it snowed while we were eating. talk about romantic!!! and fun fun fun!!!!