Tuesday, January 31, 2006

addresses indeed

i believe that some people read this. i'm not quite sure why, but i'm hoping that's the case now. i am in need of some mailing addresses and can't seem to find them, and i believe some of you may know them. they are:

Kia Ashley - check
Jennifer Crabb - check
Lucas Dorian - check
Jason Haveman
Aaron Hicks - check
Matthew Hutchens - check
Emily Vann - check

yes indeedy...please provide them if you know them in the comments section...or send me an email to lyddy444@hotmail.com if you feel uncomfortable posting their addresses for the whole world to see. because the whole world reads this on a regular basis....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

to rant and to rave

rant: verb 1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
2 : to scold vehemently

rave: verb 1 a : to talk irrationally in or as if in delirium b : to speak out wildly c : to talk with extreme enthusiasm
2 : to move or advance violently : STORM
transitive senses : to utter in madness or frenzy

well, there you have it. i don't have much time to rant and rave about wedding planning stuff since i'm at work, but i need to get some stuff out to the people of the world. when God created marriage, did He intend for us to get so caught up in the vanity of it all? no. then again, did he intend for us to have huge homes with plush couches and cupboards full of food? not sure...did i just use the word cupboards? anyway, i'm having a real problem with the price of things out there. if i called someone today and asked them the price to photograph an event, i guarantee you they would quote a different (LOWER) price than if i used the word "wedding". what's the difference between a bridesmaid's dress and a regular dress? the price.

there was a man who went to the hardware store and asked the clerk about the latest and greatest tool. sam (the hardware store clerk) said excitedly, "i have just what you're looking for!" after a few minutes of rummaging in the back room, he emerged with a beautiful shiny new tool. the customer said, "great! how much is it?" "twenty bucks!" exclaimed sam. the man grimaced and said, "no no, i need the latest version. do you have that?" sam furrowed his brow and moved to the back. a few seconds later he produced another shiny tool. "that's more like it. how much for that one?" the man asked. "ninety bucks," replied sam. the man said, "no, that can't be it either. are you sure that's the latest tool?" sam looked at him, turned, and went to the back room for the third time. returning with another shiny tool, sam said, "a hundred and fifty bucks." the man smiled and reached out for his new tool. "yes. that'll do just fine. i knew you were the best hardware store around!" sam rang the man up and laughed as he left the store. all three tools had been the same as the first one he brought out. the moral of the story: when people get an idea in their heads about how much something should cost, it's just not good enough for them until they spend what's expected.

i might not have done that story as well as it was told to me, but i hope you get my point. weddings do not have to be as expensive as they are. i thought that people who spend 30 and 40 thousand dollars on their wedding were extravagant and doing lots of extra unnecessary things, but in doing some planning of my own and getting quotes of all the services out there, i'm learning that they're not doing anything out of the ordinary. dresses, flowers, cakes, photographers, videographers, food...it's just insane. absolutely insane how much it costs. and maybe i'm naive, but i really REALLY don't think it should cost that much.

i have a call into a florist that's supposed to be really good. she just called me back and left a message, and i almost don't want to call her back b/c i'm afraid of the prices she's going to quote me. and i have yet to find a photographer who will quote me less than $1000. (oh well alright fine. one said $950...) i really don't want to grow cynical and bitter, but it's really hard people! i just want to get married!!!!!! IS THAT SO WRONG????

Thursday, January 19, 2006

lay me down

Lay Me Down, by Andrew Peterson

I suppose you could lay me down to die in Illinois -
Bury me beneath the rows of corn.
Or in between the maple trees I climbed on as a boy,
Where in the land of Lincoln I was born.

Oh and I recall we rode the combines in the fall.
And there comes a time for gathering the harvest after all.

When you lay me down to die.
I'll miss my boys.
I'll miss my girls.
Lay me down and let me say goodbye to this world.
You can lay me anywhere,
Oh but just remember this -
When you lay me down to die, you lay me down to live.

I asked a girl to marry me on a dock out on the lake.
Our babies came to life in Tenessee.
And the music of the mountains is still keeping me awake,
Oh but everything that rises falls asleep.

We are not alone; we are more than flesh and bone.
What is seen will pass away; what is not is going home.

When you lay me down to die.
I'll miss my boys.
I'll miss my girls.
Lay me down and let me say goodbye to this world.
You can lay me anywhere,
Oh but just remember this -
When you lay me down to die,
I'll open up my eyes on the skies I've never known,
In the place where I belong
And I'll realize His love is just another word for Home.

I believe in the holy shores of uncreated light.
I believe there is power in the Blood.
All of the death that ever was, if you sat it next to Life,
I believe it would barely fill a cup.
'Cause I believe there's power in the Blood!

When you lay me down to die
So long boys! So long girls!
Lay me down and let me say goodbye to this world.
You can lay me anywhere,
Oh but just remember this -
When you lay me down to die, you lay me down to live!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

read it immediately

stop seeing if i've updated my blog and go read http://budgenuzzard.blogspot.com - you must start at the bottom (the beginning) and read all of it. simply. amazing. truly.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

no good

dadburnit. that dress costs $159.80. and the store in town that carries that line of dresses won't order me one to see and try on to see if i want it unless i buy it. that doesn't make any sense at all. here's my logic. if they order it without me buying it and they pay for it and i try it on and hate it, they have it in the store to show to someone else and aren't really out anything b/c it's a cute dress and they're more likely to sell it to someone else. if they order it without me buying it and they pay for me and i try it on and love it, they've just made a huge sale because i'll be buying seven. if they force me to buy it in order to see it, they've made nothing. no money from me b/c i'm not buying one without seeing it first. no dress for them to sell to others. nothing. they get nothing out of doing business this way. blah!

but i've decided that i'm going to find the perfect dress at a regular store that doesn't cost a ton of money. regular dress. not bridesmaid dress. that cuts the cost at least $100.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

that's some heavy stuff dude

holy moly. i've never been engaged before. therefore, i've never planned a wedding before. my goodness it's tough. every time chris and i think we're on the road to finalizing something important (like the date and location, for example) something gets in the way and we have to start over. well, not over over completely over. but it's still hard. it probably doesn't help that i'm AWFUL at making plans anyway. the most i've planned anything is the trip to england, and that was only a little bit of planning a couple of months before i left. this is LOTS and LOTS of planning and it's 6 months before it happens. so i think there's this little procrastinating person inside me - we'll call him crast - that's trying to convince me that i don't really need to plan anything, but then the logical person inside me - we'll call him loggy - is trying to beat up crast b/c loggy knows that this wedding needs to get on the road of being planned! but crast is so strong b/c he's the one that gets the most exercise when it comes to planning, and loggy is strong with other things besides planning. but b/c they're fighting the war at planning hill, crast seems to be winning. it's terrible. every time loggy pulls ahead, crast trips him. it's a sad thing, really.

so if you're reading this and you think about chris and me sometime, please pray for and cheer for loggy to win this battle. it's a tough one.

seriously though, all both of us really want is to get married b/c we feel like God has brought us together. and we believe that we'll be able to better serve Him together than we can apart. neither of us care at all about what our attendants wear. if i didn't think our pictures would be hideous, i really would have all seven of my bridesmaids wear whatever they wanted. but instead, i've emailed them about six times giving them different answers to the question "what will we be wearing?" this is the latest brainstorm:
in blue. with an ivory sash. so we'll see...depending on how much it costs...

and once we get the date finalized, there goes the money to photographers, cake makers, caterers, receptions, churches, dress makers, and monkey trainers. i have a feeling this is going to be a long six months...mostly b/c we're not kissing until we're married...but other than that, people tell me that it's going to fly. i wish it would fly. come on time! fly! you can do it! stretch your wings out to the wind and fly!!!