Tuesday, February 21, 2006

'tis done

finally! bridesmaids dresses are picked out. i know you've all been anxiously awaiting such news. here's a picture...

well...it's a picture of 3 versions of the dress. i, unfortunately, did not pick out the fluffy little girl one, but the one that the grown lady is wearing.

in other news, i received a dozen white roses for valentine's day from my valentine along with the lyrics to a very cool song "i love to see you smile" by randy newman. they are as follows:

I was born to make you happy.
I think you're just my style.
Everywhere I go,
Telling everyone I know
Baby, I love to see you smile.

Don't want to take a trip to China.
Don't want to sail up the Nile.
Wouldn't wanna get too far
From where you are,
'Cause I love to see you smile.

In the Summer,
In the Spring time,
Winter, or the Fall,
The only place I wanna be
Is where I can see you smile at me.

Like a sink without a faucet,
Like a watch without a dial,
What would I do
If I didn't have you?
I love to see you smile.

In a world that's full of trouble,
You make it all worth while.
What would I do
If I didn't have you?
Oh, I love to see you smile.
I love to see you smile.

all sung in a very randy newman way. the words did, indeed, make me cry. they pretty much sum up our relationship.

for those of you who don't know who randy newman is, you must check him out. he sings things such as "you've got a friend in me" from toy story. and his other stuff is quite enjoyable as well. he's also written movie scores such as "the natural", "forrest gump" and "seabiscuit". good stuff.

in more other news, i have entirely too much work to do, so i must depart. anyone know the addresses of the people in the post below this? matthew still hasn't emailed me back, and no one has offered any others. alas.