Wednesday, May 24, 2006


as i said in my previous post, christopher and i exchanged wedding gifts last night. his gift to me was WAY better than my gift to him. a little background...

my grandmother was given a ring randomly by one of her friends a few years ago (by "a few" i mean, like, 20 years ago) for some reason, her whole life, all nana would say was "this is for lyndsay!" so when she died almost 2 years ago, i got the ring. it was ugly - like, really ugly. but it had tons of tiny little diamonds in it. there was one "big" one in the middle (guessing, it's like 1/4 carat) with itty bitty ones surrounding it. well, i wasn't going to wear it, so i was just going to sell it or something. (i know, i was an idiot) when christopher started making rumblings about getting engaged, i said "BLAMO!" and gave him the ring to do whatever he wanted with it.

my engagement ring is THE BEST ONE in the world. sorry girls. it's just true. see?

no really, it's the best in the world. and it looks perfect on my hand. see? (yes, i do have crooked pinkies...)
plus he said that the small diamonds on either side represent us, and the big diamond in the middle stands for God b/c He's in the middle, bigger and raised up. nice!! so anyway, i randomly asked him a few months ago "hey, where are the other diamonds from that ring?" and he said "you don't worry about that. let me take care of that." i told someone that he said that and she was like "oh! they're going in your wedding band!" oh, i almost vomited. other people can have bling bling all over their hand. that's great. but i'm having enough trouble wearing the little bit of bling that i have. i am not really a jewelry kind of person, so i really wanted just a plain, easy, simple wedding band. (i actually told him not to put them in the band...teehee!)

so anyway, last night he gave me my incredible, beautiful, awesome, gorgeous, unbelieveable wedding gift that he's been working on for quite some time now. check them out!

*gasp* OH! i just love them. the best part about all this awesome jewelry is that chris has picked everything out himself. he's gotten his mom's opinion (and my best friend/maid of honor - who is also one of his good friends), but just to make sure he hasn't made a big mistake. he's got GREAT taste!!!

oh man. i've never owned real diamonds before. i'm totally wearing them in the TEN DAYS.

oh yeah, and i got him a luggage set. BORING!!! i'm too practical. oh well. but i think he liked it. he either liked it or he lied really well. it's a nice set - i was going to put a link to where it was...but i don't want christopher to see how much i spent...although he might have already seen....anyway, now we can go to disney world in style!!!!


Blogger Jill said...

May I say you have amazing taste!...much like mine. :)

I will be praying for you in the next 10 days.
Savor every moment. Every crazy, hectic, stressful moment. And on your 'big day', pick a few of those wonderful moments to focus on and remember always. That way it isn't "all a blur" to you like it unfortunately is for some people.

9:50 AM  
Blogger ImaMommie said...

How AWESOME! What a great guy you have there. :o) Those are the prettiest earings! I love them. How sweet. I can't believe your wedding is so close! I'm going to a wedding this sat and i have no idea what i'm gonna wear. It's hard to look cute with this belly. See? The bride isn't the only one that stresses at a wedding! Think of ALL THE PEEPS that are stressing over what they are gonna wear at YOUR wedding! Yay! You should feel honored! :o) CONGRATS!

9:59 AM  
Blogger lyndsay said...

you are so funny!! yes, i am definitely honored by all the people who showed up looking fabulous at the wedding!! we've been nothing but overwhelmed at how many people love us SO MUCH!!!

3:00 PM  

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