Monday, May 22, 2006


nathan, chris' friend that's staying with him for only a little while longer, has a truck. one of those really old ford trucks. well, actually, it's just a 1985, but it looks really old. that's not exactly it, but it's close. anyway, we moved a ton of my stuff into the new apartment last night, and it was really weird. all my pictures and posters and stuff on the wall, both my dressers, my little desk, some shelves - all GONE! dude. i need to take a picture of my bedroom right now. all that stuff went, but all the stuff from inside all that stuff stayed in my room. i'm living off my floor right now. today i got out of the shower and said out loud, "where's my underwear?!" i had to jump from tiny open area to tiny open area to get to it. there is stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

speaking of changes, the eagles are really growing fast. it's raining there today, too, and the mom has been there all morning sheltering them from the rain. it's amazing!! i love birds!!!

in other news, 12 days is really not that long at all. even if i were 12 years old and looking forward to my best friend's birthday party, i would even have to admit then that 12 days wasn't that long. GOOD GRIEF!!! i'm super excited.

in more other news, ladies, get out of the habit of crossing your legs at the knee.

it causes spider and varicose veins!! my little spider veins have been getting worse and worse the past couple of years or so, and i learned that about crossing your legs the other day. duh! all i do is sit at a computer with my legs crossed! of course it's going to get worse!! it's funny, though, b/c i'm trying to not do it, so i'll raise my leg up to cross it over and then abort the crossing, which makes it look like i'm just really, really fidgety. or have some sort of odd twitch. man. it's really hard to not do...


Anonymous Prego said...

Hey... about the leg crossing thing... I found that out when I was in middle school. Our health teacher, who had major vericose (sp?) veins, told us girls about it. I have a good suggestion to tell you to do instead of crossing your legs - you can even do it in an office chair! Sit INDIAN STYLE! It's not NEAR as bad for your legs. It still isn't THE best, but it works to get out of the bad habit of leg crossing. I do it all the time. That's my most favorite way of sitting while at my work desk. Now, I know you may not get completely out of the habit of leg crossing (I still can't either) but at least this will help. Okay, I know this was a long comment, but I hope I help you! :o)

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