Tuesday, May 23, 2006

shirtless wonders

tonight is the night that christopher and i are going to exchange wedding gifts. his is rather large, and i've been wanting to get one of those plastic giant gift bags - basically a decorative garbage bag - to put it in. i couldn't find one last night, so my only hope was to find one during my lunch break today, which meant i would have to get lunch out. well, with my newfound lovely alergy to gluten (oh boy!) the only place i could think of - without getting a salad or naked burrito from qdoba, which are not very eat-in-the-car meals - was taco bell. the crunchy tacos are corn, aren't they? taco bell is far away from where i work - like a 15 minute drive when you factor in all the red lights. but i went anyway. the party place where i was going to seek the gift bag was on the way, but i decided to get food beforehand.

halfway there, a strange number rang my phone. i don't like talking on the phone to people i know and love, much less people i don't know. so i never answer the phone if i don't know who it is. the message said "lyndsay! this is chris! nathan and i are actually locked out of the apartment, and i'm using a neighbors cell phone. please come by and let us in when you get a chance!!" i proceded to laugh and laugh!! when i called back to tell them that i couldn't come by, some deep-voiced gentleman said "hello?" and told me that they were already walking back to the apartment...not sure which neighbor i had just talked to, i was left with the only option of aborting the quest for a gift bag and going to rescue my fiance' and his roommate.

while in taco bell - the drive through always takes longer - i put my order in for 2 tacos (and i could have sworn i said crunchy). i was really hoping it wouldn't take long since i was on a new quest of rescuing the boys. the giant family in front of me's order was finally completed and the lady said "order #233!" "that's me!" said i, and she said "2 soft taco supremes" and my heart sank.

<--- GOOD!!!

<--- BAD!!!

blast! if i could just eat flour, i would have taken them and run! but they had to remake them. it didn't take too terribly long, and off i went.

omitting the part where the freeway traffic came to an almost complete stop in the middle of the day - for no reason, i might add - b/c it's boring, i will move to the part where i drove up to their apartment. i heard nathan shout "hooray!!!" and saw him swinging his feet from the bottom branch of the tree in the front yard. i heard christopher but didn't see him. he was high up in the tree!!! tree climbers!!! and the best part was that they were both shirtless.
ah, glorious summertime. how i love thee. and how i wish i could go around shirtless...that's another blog entry...

this entry is already too long...but i will sum up how they locked themselves out of the apartment that i thought was impossible to get locked out of. there was this dog that followed them when they went running...long story short, in trying to allude it and make it stop following them, they brilliantly thought that they would leave it on the front steps, go inside and escape out the back door, leaving the poor little guy out there waiting for their fun return for the rest of it's sad, lonely little life. in doing so, they locked the front door from the inside and locked the doorknob lock when they exited out the back. they went running for something like an hour, and when they returned, the poor dog was gone, and they got to the top of the stairs, unlocked the lock, and suddenly realized that they only had ONE of the keys for the TWO locks on the front door.

the whole thing made me laugh pretty hard. they sure are cute...chris moreso than nathan...sorry nathan. you understand though.

now i've got to figure out what to do about chris' unwrapped present...maybe i could pretend that my trunk is the wrapping....

in other, much more exciting news, i'm not having that thing done to me this thursday - see a few posts down where i have the picture of the running shoe. HOORAY!!! i mean, i might have it done sometime, just not a week before i get married. it was just a way to confirm that i definitely have an alergy to gluten, but i say for now, i'm just going to try not to eat it and see if i feel better. oh stress of a weird and invasive test before i am wedded! be gone from me!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am laughing. You made me feel really sorry for that dog!

Go write something.

p.s. I read Because of Winn-Dixie for a class, you SO should write a children's book. Especially since that is the first thing every newlywed wants to do when she gets married.

jay are

6:22 PM  
Blogger lyndsay said...

haha! i still say i'm going to write children's books one day...some day....

8:18 AM  

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