Wednesday, June 14, 2006

officially taken

married life. it's so fabulous!!! we took 8 million pictures on the honeymoon, but i don't have them with me. and i only have a few random wedding pictures. and i don't have much time to comment on them all....but i'll do it anyway...:)
chris' dad (my father-in-law!!!) snapped this from the front row when we were about to walk down the aisle as husband and wife!! we were looking at the little ensemble we had singing "praise to the Lord, the Almighty"!!! INDEED!!!

these are all casual shots taken while the real photographer was lining us up for the real pictures. i don't remember handing my bouquet off to someone...but apparently i did. there's a lot i don't remember about that day...:) aren't the kids amazingly adorable?!?! those are my 2 cousins (i guess they're technically my 2nd cousins since they're my cousin's kids...) alice and mae mae, and our good friend (and son of the man who married us who also did our pre-marital counseling along with his wife...) hudson - the one who has a new baby brother from a few posts back...

here's (almost) everyone!! bridesmaids: from left to right, top row: the stunning carrie rollwagen, my former college roommate; the tan emily beene, my awesome cousin; the beautiful and best-hugger-ever betsy gentzler; the elegant and soon-to-be-married-too and 2nd best hugger ever beth mitchell (i like to call her bethington). bottom row: the glorious jennifer rigsby, former roommate of 3 1/2 years; the sexy suzanne mize, my friend since 4th grade...that's 17 years of friendship right there; the radiant jency franklin, my maid of honor, my sanity, and my best friend. unfortunately, the smooth-as-glass and exquisite jennifer glass was standing to the left of jennifer rigsby and got cut off in this picture. you'll see her when i post more pictures. i love you jglass!! and please notice the beauty in the simplicity of the girls' dresses. oh ann taylor loft. how i love you so!!
okay, groomsmen: from left to right, top row: chris' roommate for a month in his new apartment and friend since gradeschool, nathan shirai; chris' cousin, jimbo patton (or is it patten?); chris' friend since childhood, brian sneed; chris' friend since childhood, joshua gruner. bottom row: chris' brother since birth, colin slaten; chris' friend since childhood, zane hamilton. unfortunately, two of the groomsmen were cut off in this picture...the tall, soon-to-be-married-but-not-to-bethington daniel cleland - one of chris' roommate in college; and my brother, the handsome and charming forrest walker. again, more pictures will have them in it. i love you boys!

oh, and that's chris and me in the middle...i'm talking, apparently...


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